[2.5.2] New-UDInput differently formatted

Hi all,

Has something changed in the version 2.5.2 that “messed up” with my forms?
In the version 2.4.0 the form looked like as shown below

All got messed up after upgrading it to 2.5.2. I’ve also tested 2.4.1 and the problem persists.

Is there anything I should change in the code? See below part of it

New-UDRow {
New-UDColumn -SmallSize 12 -MediumSize 4 -LargeSize 4 {
New-UDInput @cardColors -Title ‘Database Migration’ -Id “Form” -SubmitText ‘Confirm’ -Content {
New-UDInputField -Type ‘textbox’ -Name ‘sourceInstance’ -Placeholder ‘Source Instance’
New-UDInputField -Type ‘textbox’ -Name ‘targetInstance’ -Placeholder ‘Target Instance’
New-UDInputField -Type ‘textbox’ -Name ‘databaseName’ -Placeholder ‘Database Name’
New-UDInputField -Type ‘checkbox’ -Name ‘overwriteDB’ -Placeholder ‘Overwrite Database’
New-UDInputField -Type ‘checkbox’ -Name ‘keepCompatability’ -Placeholder ‘Keep Compatability level’
New-UDInputField -Type ‘checkbox’ -Name ‘migrationTest’ -Placeholder ‘Migration Test’
New-UDInputField -Type ‘date’ -Name ‘executionDate’ -Placeholder ‘Execution date’
} -Endpoint {
param($sourceInstance, $targetInstance, $databaseName, $overwriteDB, $keepCompatability, $migrationTest, $executionDate)

I ended up with a workaround for now in my theme.

'.card-content' = @{
        'display' = 'grid'

@artvandelay440 … You’re awesome. Thank you for this.