Custom UDInputField forms and formatting in columns

I’m working on a page that will have sections for kicking off automated processes by filling in a form. As a default, the layout looks like this with two different inputfield sections:

I’ve tried to apply column formatting a couple different ways. Unfortunately it always comes out malformed and unusable.

  • New-UDLayout with column 2 set
  • New-UDRow with New-UDColumns nested under it.

Any tips on how to fix this formatting, if possible?

I was able to clear up some of the formatting by moving my text field to the top. It’s like my select inputfields don’t honor any type of sizing when housed within a UDRow/UDColumn or UDLayout setup. I have another page with a select list and the checkboxes added under it drive the input field to get cut down and formats partially to the left of it.

Any thoughts on this behavior?

Definitely a bug. I thought it had been resolved but it looks like it hasn’t. Are you running UD 2.2?

Yep, i’m on UD 2.2.0 right now.