Only able to Submit form once per refresh

I have a form in a modal, that upon submitting, updates a row in a database, runs Sync-UDElement on a control, and then Hide-Modal.

The modal is shown by clicking a button on a row in a grid, and values is passed from the grid into the modal by containing the modal in New-UDEndpoint.

This works the first time. when opening the next modal, I just get the form with a spinning wheel.

Everything in the endpoint block executes as it should.
If I remove the Hide-modal from the endpoint, then I see that the Inputform spins indefinitely - I wonder if there is something keeping it from ‘completing’ but there is nothing in the endpoint that hasn’t run.


I have a Invoke-Sqlcmd2 in the endpoint.

If I finish that off with a “| out-null” it works, the command must return something that the form doesn’t like.

Thanks guys!

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