Hide Modal? Kill Modal?

Hey guys noticed some strange behavior and wanted to get you folks take, so have a modal that currently loads up a bunch of charts, what I noticed is that when I click my button (that calls Hide-UDModal) the code inside the chart endpoints continue to execute consuming resources, I noticed I can only stop this by refreshing the page, is this expected behavior? Desired behavior would be when the modal closes, it ends everything behind it. Maybe there is a proper way of closing/killing the modal? not sure haven’t ran into anything in the docs that indicate so, maybe we need a flag or another function like kill-udmodal? Has anyone noticed this? Is this a bug? @adam

Looks like a bug to me…

Replicates the error, if you open the modal with the “CopyME” button, and inspect element. Close the modal and you can see the element being updated without the modal being active.

Added an issue in github


Yup, had me running in circles for a sec, like how is there data still coming in??? well I guess its all part of the fun :wink: #loveud