Bunch of React Spinners to give a page more elegance whilst loading

Was inspired by the post here:-

So thank you @mylabonline for this sterling contribution to the UD Forums…however I noticed you were loading a GIF, and well I thought wouldn’t it be cool if ‘we’ the UD users had a bunch of loading element spinners to choose from…so I then found this webpage:-
And thought crikey that’s a lot of spinners…So then did some plagiarism and I guess something new, by bringing it to powershell. But then had the conundrum of how I was going to load any one of these spinners dynamically. So reached out and the very clever bossman @adam who as always was very helpful in replying…Finally got round to finishing the function off and now it looks something like:-

Basically every spinner I put on the weblink is available and can customise colour and size of any spinner you choose. I will upload this to the powershellgallery which in-turn will place this on the marketplace webpage for universaldashboard. Hope you all enjoy this. Peace

Now added:- PowerShell Gallery | UniversalDashboard.UDSpinner 1.0.1

and here:-Ironman Software Marketplace - UniversalDashboard.UDSpinner

HAVE FUN :smile:

P.S Way more spinners that I could fit into a gif…so please check them all out by downloading your copy today :wink: