PSU 2.0.2 Upgrade error in file endpoint.ps1

I upgraded to 2.0.2 from 2.0.0 today and noticed immediately that my APIs didn’t load correctly. I got an error saying:


As I’m running this locally I saw this in the output of the software:

The same configuration files worked in 2.0.0

Anyone else see this error in 2.0.2?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.0.2

Can you let me know how you are hosting this? I see the API service starting and then immediately exiting in your environment. Can you also check for any event log messages about errors from a crashing powershell.exe process?

Hey Adam,

I’m running Universal.Server.exe locally. Eventually I’ll put it behind IIS but I want to make sure everything works with our configuration files before I put it behind IIS. Here’s the event viewer error:

The following 4 errors are about dashboards failing. I also only see one API instead of the 30 or so we have in endpoints.ps1

Are you using Windows PowerShell 5.1? If so, you should try the 2.0.3 build we released earlier today. Let me know if that resolves the issue. If not, I’m happy to assist via a Zoom call or something.

Just got around to testing 2.0.3. Yes, we are using PS 5.1. The 2.0.3 build fixed this, thanks!

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