PowerShell Universal - 3.7.0

PowerShell Universal - 3.7.0

Release Notes


  • Fixe an issue where swagger documentation wouldn’t work when endpoints used the -Path parameter
  • Fixed an issue where scripts with only comments in them could cause Swagger documentation to fail to generate
  • Fixed an issue where tags were not sorted properly in swagger documentation


  • Add support for System Events in server mode
  • Fixed issue with trigger schedule button and hangfire link in nested IIS sites
  • Added support for Read-Host and Write-Progress in Invoke-PSUScript
  • Fixed an issue where PSCredential secrets would not work outside the integrated environment
  • Fixed an issue where terminals would not output properly on Unix machines


  • Added support for New-UDAutocompleteOption
  • Added $Page scope for variables
  • AntDesign is now the default theme for dashboards.
  • Added component dashboard template
  • Fixed an issue where HTML would be returned when sessions timed out.
  • OnRowSelection for New-UDTable now returns all rows when selecting all and using -Data
  • Added -MinWidth to New-UDTableColumn
  • Added -CardRemove to New-UDTable
  • Added -Switch to New-UDListItem
  • Added -Icon to New-UDUpload
  • Fixed an issue where $EventData wasn’t populated in attributes event handlers in New-UDElement
  • Added Clear Log button to admin console
  • Added Italian to -Locale for New-UDDatePicker and New-UDTimePicker
  • Added -OnValidate to New-UDTextbox
  • Fixed an issue where creating a page with roles in the admin console would not work
  • Added -Script and -OutputType to New-UDForm
  • Improved error location information
  • Fixed icon animations in New-UDIcon
  • Fixed an issue where -RenderOnActive would not work in New-UDDynamic
  • Added -Url to Start-UDDownload
  • Fixed an issue where a permanent nav bar would collapse when clicking in the dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where a temporary nav bar wouldn’t collapse when clicking in the dashboard
  • Added styling to the currently active nav bar list item
  • Added -Native to Invoke-UDRedirect
  • Removed New-UDCardToolbar
  • Added -Sx, -Variant and -Content to New-UDAvatar
  • Added -Sx to New-UDCard
  • Added New-UDAvatarGroup
  • Added support for ‘number’, ‘time’, ‘datetime-local’, ‘date’, ‘color’, ‘month’, ‘week’ to -Type on New-UDTextbox
  • Added -OnClick to New-UDMenuItem
  • Added -Menu to New-UDDashboard
  • Fixed an issue where -ToolbarContent would show anything if it was the only thing specified on New-UDTable
  • Fixed an issue where themes could cause a double scrollbar.
  • Fixed an issue where pages would not load properly on restart
  • UDModal now defaults to medium size
  • Fixed an issue with UDForm formatting


  • Added support for deleting computers
  • Added support for local accounts.
  • Added logout support for non-Form based logins
  • Removed license requirement for authentication
  • Added license requirement to configure roles
  • Added license requirement to use non-local accounts
  • Added support for PSUHeader and PSUFooter regions in configuration scripts.
  • universal:latest docker image is now Ubuntu 20.04 and PowerShell 7.3
  • Fixed an issue where --appsettings would not override the ProgramData app settings file.
  • Added Fullscreen button to editors in the admin console
  • Improved IntelliSense in editors in the admin console
  • Fixed an issue where options intended to be hidden during creation of resources were visible.
  • Improved the manual git sync Discard Changes button.
  • Improved performance of git sync status pruning
  • Added support for Azure AD Managed Identity auth for Azure SQL
  • Fixed an issue where -Integrated would not work with New-PSUVariable or New-PSUIdentity
  • Improved usability of the Authentication page in the admin console
  • Prevented the disabling of forms authentication to provide a fallback in case of misconfiguration
  • Fixed an issue where mixing appsettings.json and authentication.ps1 methods of the same type could result in invalid auth configuration
  • Editors in admin console now check syntax before saving.
  • Updated the Demo dashboard
  • Custom vaults now require a license.



The MSI fails due to a custom action looking for a file on your desktop

System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\users\adamr\desktop\wtf.txt'.
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Downloaded 3.7.0 MSI and ran it with admin rights. Installs but it is not reflecting on the Home Page and it is still showing the previous version 3.6.2 and New version Available 3.7.0 even after logging out and back in.


We have a build in the release pipeline to fix the MSI. It will be available in about 40 minutes.

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Am I missing the docs about how to use local accounts? I can see how to set one up, but how do I authenticate one?

This is nice! docs out yet?

Local accounts work with forms authentication. You should just be able to login via the login page once you create identities and set passwords.

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You can follow the MSFT tutorial for this: Tutorial: Use a managed identity to access Azure SQL Database - Windows - Azure AD - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn

The big take aways are creating and setting the account correctly and making sure your connection string has the proper authentication value.

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Hi @kevinblumenfeld check out his post - PSU 3.0 - SQL Support - #17 by Matt.Harris

Reach out if you need more info :slight_smile: