PowerShell Universal - 3.1.0

PowerShell Universal - 3.1.0

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where creating an endpoint via the Management API would not return said API endpoint
  • Fixed an issue where Get-PSUEndpoint -Url did not return APIs.


  • Added a more clear link to job details from the Jobs page
  • Added option to display timestamps in absolute time
  • Added a more clear link back to a script from the jobs page
  • Added a more clear link from a job to a script
  • Added Job Handshake Timeout to the settings page
  • Added support for storing terminal command history
  • Invoke-PSUScript will now write errors and warnings generated by jobs when using -Wait
  • Fixed an issue where the System Default time zone would set the schedule as UTC
  • Fixed an issue where the credential would not be honored by a schedule if set on a script
  • Added a button to view raw log output
  • Fixed an issue where you needed to specify a body when invoking a script from an Management API

User Interfaces

  • Dashboards: Fixed an issue where the UDSelect label would be indented
  • Dashboards: Added -Variant to New-UDSelect
  • Dashboards: Fixed an issue where UDSelect would always have the first item selected even if -DefaultValue or -Value was not set.
  • Dashboards: Added -Size to New-UDIconButton
  • Dashboards: Added -Raised to New-UDCard
  • Dashboards: Added -Size to New-UDSwitch
  • Dashboards: UDFloatingActionButton now defaults to BottomRight
  • Dashboards: Added -Style, -HeaderStyle, -FooterStyle, -ContentStyle and -Dividers to Show-UDModal
  • Dashboards: Fixed an issue where dashboard memory was not reported.
  • Dashboards: Fixed an issue with the display of a server-side table with no data
  • Dashboards: Added copy\paster support to dashboard terminals
  • Dashboards: Added -DefaultValue to New-UDRadioGroup
  • Dashboards: Added -ShowLoading, -LoadingIndicator, and -LoadingPosition to New-UDButton
  • Dashboards: Fixed an issue where Set-UDElement wouldn’t properly update the selected value in New-UDSelect
  • Dashboards: Fixed an issue where New-UDTable autocomplete filters would compress
  • Dashboards: Fixed an issue where Out-String would not work without -Width in Windows PowerShell
  • Dashboards: Fixed an issue where New-UDTreeView wouldn’t expand when using dynamic trees
  • Dashboards: Added Dutch language support (nl) to New-UDDatePicker and New-UDTimPicker
  • Dashboards: Fixed an issue where Sync-UDElement would cause problems with Show-UDModal
  • Dashboards: Added -SessionTimeout to New-UDDashboard
  • Dashboards: Added -Unmask to New-UDTextbox
  • Dashboards: Fixed an issue where masked UDTextbox would throw a JS error
  • Dashboards: Fixed an issue where -Defaultvalue wouldn’t be set right away with New-UDSelect
  • Dashboards: Added -FullWidth to New-UDStack
  • Dashboards: Fixed an issue where New-UDUpload would show two buttons
  • Dashboards: Added -MinimumDate and -MaximumDate to New-UDDatePicker
  • Dashobards: Fixed an issue where the Unauthorized page would not be shown when a user didn’t have access to a page (404 page shown)
  • Pages: Added support for HTML and markdown in cards
  • Pages: Show page size changer for Tables


  • Suppress an exception thrown when a hotkey was already registered


  • Moved the Save Changes button on the General settings page to be more accessible
  • PowerShell versions are now updated dynamically when environments are loaded
  • Fixed some issues with the admin console on smaller resolutions
  • Fixed an issue where PSModulePath would be out of order for Windows PowerShell causing some modules to fail to load.
  • Fixed an issue where Get-PSUComputer would not return a value
  • Updated the PowerShell SDK to 7.2.5 for the integrated environemnt
  • Added support for disabling a role
  • Removed support for “high performance runspace pools” because they offer the same performance as the standard ones
  • Variables from variables.ps1 are now defined in other PS1 configuration files
  • Added ProjectUri to Templates
  • Added proxy support for licensing and marketplace.
  • Added -CssStylesheetIntegrity to New-PSULoginPage
  • Added Remove-PSUDashboard
  • Added Get-PSUDashboard -Name parameter
  • Added an option to hide the Run As setting throughout the admin console.
  • Added -RemoveSecret to Remove-PSUVariable to delete secrets from vaults
  • Added Import-PSUSecret to load secret info from vaults
  • Added translation support for APIs and Dashbaords
  • Added support for configuring git sync in the UI
  • Added an option to configure the git sync interval
  • Fixed an issue where git sync changes would expand the entire table
  • Sync-PSUComponent will now attempt to sync across all connected PSU instances
  • Fixed an issue where the PowerShell Universal module would not work in Windows PowerShell
  • Added a setting to enable splatting for all configuration files
  • Fixed an issue where the DisableUpdateCheck setting did not work.
  • Added the node name to the home page
  • Fixed a display issue with the Persistent Runspace setting the admin console.
  • Fixed a display issue when editing variables
  • Fixed an issue where existing settings would not be shown when editing SAML2 authentication
  • Fixed an issue where Set-PSUAuthenticationMethod would return a 404 error
  • Fixed an issue where the MSI installer had some overlapping controls on one of the configuration pages.
  • Fixed issue with editor autocompletion
  • Added a display of the last time the git sync ran; even if there were no changes
  • Fixed an issue where git commits would not display the correct changes in the commit
  • Added the ability to see a diff of git changes
  • Fixed an issue where Install-PSUServer\Upgrade-PSUServer -LatestVersion wouldn’t install the correct version.
  • Added -RequireMfa to Set-PSUAuthenticationMethod