PowerShell Universal - 3.3.0

PowerShell Universal - 3.3.0

Release Notes

Breaking Change

  • The UniversalDashboard module is no longer distributed as a separate module and all features are now in the Universal module.


  • Endpoint URLs are now trimmed of white space during creation or update
  • Added support for editing endpoint paths in the UI
  • Added support for editing endpoints with paths in the UI


  • Added LocalIpAddress, RemoteIpAddress, LocalPort and RemotePort to the event data sent to the User Logon trigger
  • Script right hand panel will now persist the last selected tab on the right hand side and use that as default
  • Fixed an issue where terminal instances could fail to start
  • Added support for executing a job on a specific computer in the cluster
  • Added Write-PSUError to output errors to the Errors tab without causing errors in the script
  • Errors in the Errors tab now include stack traces
  • Fixed an issue where an error would be shown multiple times in the Errors tab
  • Fixed an issue where string parameters would not show the correct type of select control
  • Fixed an issue where job output wouldn’t be completely visible
  • Added support for passing files as parameters to jobs
  • Increased the number of hangfire workers to 100
  • Fixed an issue where schedules wouldn’t always register correctly with Hangfire
  • Fixed an issue where schedules would equate when they were not equal causing problems managing similar schedules
  • Added support for running schedules on demand
  • Fixed an issue where exit commands could be issued through a terminal
  • Fixed an issue where PSFramework logging output would be poorly displayed in PSU
  • Name is now a required property for schedules
  • Added support for scheduling scripts on a specific computer or all computers.
  • Fixed an issue where a misconfigured user login trigger could cause logins to fail
  • Fixed an issue where scripts would not be displayed on jobs when not logged in as administrator


  • Added data-theme attribute to the HTML tag to allow for adaptive CSS styles
  • Added -Sx to New-UDTypography to be able to apply theme-based styles
  • Added Get-UDElement support to New-UDGridLayout.
  • Added -LoadDetailContent to New-UDDataGrid.
  • Fixed an issue where dashboard logging of Write-* cmdlets would stop working when auto-deploy was enabled and a change was made
  • Added -BorderWidth to New-UDChartJS
  • Added -OnEdit to New-UDDataGrid
  • Added all colors to New-UDChip
  • Updated to ChartJS v3.9.1
  • Increased button size on dashboard page
  • Fixed an issue where OnRowExpand in New-UDTable was statically set to colspan 6
  • Fixed an issue where -DefaultValue would not be present in forms or steppers when using New-UDRadioGroup
  • Fixed an issue where New-UDTextbox with a mask wouldn’t not accept enter to submit a form
  • Added -Href to New-UDListItem to support easier custom navigation
  • Fixed an issue where field names were case-sensitive for New-UDDataGrid
  • Added Wildcard support to Find-UDIcon
  • Fixed an issue where -HideUserName was always on when using New-UDDashboard and -Content
  • Fixed an issue where New-UDDataGrid would not properly render rows.
  • Added icon search to the dashboard editor
  • Added missing icons
  • Fixed an issue where New-UDAutoComplete would show a react error when removing the selected item
  • Added bubble chart support to New-UDChartJS
  • Fixed an issue where -RowsMax was not honored on New-UDTextbox
  • Added support for specifying any component in New-UDListItem -Label
  • Fixed an issue where dynamic UDTreeViews would stop working when collapsing them
  • Added -Expanded to New-UDTreeView and New-UDTreeNode
  • Fixed an issue where filters would be lost when changing pages in New-UDDataGrid
  • Fixed an issue where hidden columns would reappear when performing any action in the New-UDDataGrid
  • Fixed an issue where -Content of New-UDTypography would not do anything
  • Fixed an issue where -ClassName was not applied in New-UDTable and New-UDSelect
  • Fixed an issue where not all languages would work with New-UDDataGrid
  • Added -Locale to New-UDDateTime
  • Added the $DashboardName built-in variable
  • Fixed an issue where the default header would be shown before the page was loaded.


  • Fixed an issue where words would not wrap in a card
  • Fixed an issue where tables would not scroll and would extend out of their container


  • Navigating back to the scripts page will open the folder that you previously had open


  • Added sorting to the tags page
  • Added Demo mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Get-PSUScript -Tag would throw an exception.
  • Added builds for Windows 10+ ARM64.
  • Fixed an issue where the groom service would throw exceptions while grooming jobs
  • Loading screen is now shown during service startup
  • Added support for Initialization script
  • Fixed an issue where the access control page could create access controls with invalid parameters for the parameter sets
  • Improved the UI to prevent queuing a git sync if one is already running
  • Improved the UI to display when a git sync is running
  • Manual git syncs now ignore the git sync interval setting
  • Fixed an issue where calling /api/v1/apptoken/:id as an administrator wouldn’t all you to view all tokens
  • Fixed an issue where array variables could not be created in the admin console
  • Added Uptime to home page
  • Added header forwarding
  • Added support for using an external git client when using git sync



Is there anything we have to do to get init.ps1 working? I’ve created it and populated it, but I can’t see any evidence that it’s running. I even tried using Set-Content with a hard-coded path to create a text file, and the text file wasn’t created.

Sorry. This was an issue with the documentation. It should be “initialize.ps1”


The docs have been fixed.

Ah ok. Will give it a crack! Thanks Adam.

Hi there,

I’m having trouble using the initialize.ps1 to install modules.

Every module I’m trying to install from the our internal repo I get the following error :

The term ‘Install-Module’ is not recognized as a name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or executable program.

is there something I’m missing ?

I’m using PSU 3.4.0 with ubuntu docker

Thanks in advance !

Edit :

In fact PowershellGet is in it’s latest version in the integrated environment and not having all modules. I figured that if I manage repos / modules using latest cmdlet it’s working just fine.


@Speegel My blog post might help!

PowerShell Universal Startup Script · Mabster.NET

Thanks @mabster,

I almost did the same, the tiny complexity I’m having is that I’m running with a nix docker container.

Now I gotta figure how I can update my secrets, creation is ok but update is giving me a hard time… Keep getting

Call failed with status code 405 (Method Not Allowed)


Edit :

Remove and recreate ! easy

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