PowerShell Universal - 3.2.0

PowerShell Universal - 3.2.0

Release Notes

Breaking Change

  • SQL Server encryption is enabled by default.


  • Added validation in the UI for CRON schedules.
  • Grey out disabled schedules
  • Fixed an issue where setting a default value on a bool parameter would cause an issue with the admin console run script UI
  • Fixed an issue with the scrollbars on the scripts page
  • Added working directory support for scripts (integrated environment not supported)
  • Added support for Endpoint Error and Endpoint Authentication Failed triggers
  • View nested jobs as a tree view in the jobs table
  • Hide nested and triggered jobs in the job table
  • View nested jobs from a parent job
  • Improved the display of internal errors when running jobs
  • Fixed an issue where jobs that threw an internal error would have an incorrect start time.
  • Fixed an issue where string parameters with a ValidateSet attribute wouldn’t be displayed correctly when creating a schedule
  • Fixed an issue where creating a continous schedule with a delay of 0 would cause the schedule to fail during creation
  • Add indicies to the Job table to speed up job retrieval for SQL persistence.
  • Fixed issue where certain simple schedules had invalid CRON expressions


  • Fixed an issue with UDTab -Icon spacing.
  • Fixed an issue where the whole page would flicker when using Sync-UDElement
  • Added Protect-UDSection
  • Added OnCancel and CancelButtonText to New-UDStepper
  • Added -UiSchema to New-UDForm
  • Removed New-UDTabContainer from the UniversalDashboard module manifest.
  • Fixed an issue where -Icon would cause an overlap in New-UDTextbox
  • Fixed an issue where an Object Reference exception would be thrown when using Invoke-Command
  • Added New-UDDataGrid
  • Fixed an issue where New-UDUpload wouldn’t work when using SQL peristence.
  • Updated to the lastest version of the MUI Date and Time pickers
  • Fixed an issue where -Format on New-UDDatePicker would not have any effect
  • Added dark theme support for the Ant Design theme.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the cmdlet help was missing
  • Fixed an issue where click navigation links would cause the navigation to collapse.
  • Fixed an issue with New-UDTextbox where when a -Mask was specified an a string wasn’t specified for -Value an error would be shown
  • Fixed an issue with New-UDSelect where when -Multiple was specified and the -DefaultValue was not an array, an error woul be shown


  • Added the ability to reset git settings.
  • Added support for OSX 12 ARM64
  • Added DataMigration tool for moving data from LiteDB to SQL
  • Fixed an issue where translations containing a single quote would break a translation file
  • Improved the contrast of the highlighted text in the admin console dark theme editors
  • Added support for Active Directory Default SQL authentication
  • Fixed an issue where git sync would stop reporting history when the git history was in an invalid state
  • Added process and runspace information.
  • Fixed an issue where the groom job would throw an exception when trimming jobs when using SQL persistence.
  • Implemented -Integrated for Sync-PSUConfiguration
  • Tables in the admin console will now persist the selected page size.
  • Enabled retry behavior for SQL persistence.
  • Grant-PSUAppToken now supports granting multiple roles.
  • Added HTTP endpoints to set cache data
  • The input box for updating secret strings is now masked
  • Added support for finding and installing prerelease modules
  • Fixed an issue with git sync when using SQL persistence and multiple nodes.
  • Fixed an issue where the groom job could fail and then would retry over and over again
  • Fixed the documentation link for the PowerShell Protect page
  • Fixed an issue where the git page would list the remote in place of the branch