PowerShell Universal - 3.6.0

PowerShell Universal - 3.6.0

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where the API test would not work in a nested configuration
  • Added support for OpenAPI Schemas, inputs and return values.
  • Fixed an issue where binding bools to APIs via JSON wouldn’t work in Windows PowerShell.
  • Fixed an issue where navigating directly to the endpoint page could result in a JavaScript error in the admin console
  • Fixed an issue where the expand right option wasn’t available in the API endpoint page.
  • Added a Clear Log button to the API log


  • Fixed an issue where the Archived switch would not remain checked on the jobs page
  • Added support for running on all computers
  • Fixed an issue where default values would not be shown when run a script
  • Fixed an issue where output would not be colorized when using Hide Time
  • Added support for custom queues
  • Fixed an issue where the job archive buttons wouldn’t be available when using One-Way git sync
  • Added support for selecting computer and queues for triggers
  • Fixed a memory leak when storing job data in SQL
  • Fixed an issue where creating a job with the Any Computer (or null) would cause a SQL error
  • Added support for moving scripts between directories.
  • Fixed an issue where setting Working Directory in the admin console would not save.
  • Added support for Read-Host -AsSecureString


  • Added -Style to New-UDAlert
  • Fixed an issue with incorrectly formatted date strings when using -TimeZone with New-UDDatePicker\New-UDTimePicker
  • Added -Size to New-UDChip
  • Fixed an issue where -OnRowExpand didn’t work with -LoadData in New-UDTable
  • View dashboard logs and power buttons when One Way git sync is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where groups in New-UDSelect were selectable
  • Updated to FontAwesome 6.2
  • Added -Download to New-UDLink
  • Added -Solid to New-UDIcon
  • Fixed an issue where New-UDListItem -SecondaryAction wouldn’t display
  • Fixed an issue where New-UDMapMarker would not be in the correct position if a custom icon wasn’t specified.
  • Fixed an issue with the dashboard advanced editor in a nested IIS site.
  • Added Page editor
  • Added -HideUploadedFileName to New-UDUpload
  • Added -ShowQuickFilter to New-UDDataGrid
  • Fixed the Auto Complete filter styling in New-UDTable
  • Added -Size to New-UDMenu


  • Added detection of Windows PowerShell Compatibility and suggest turning it off
  • Added support for storing secrets in the database.
  • Added HSTS Max-Age configuration.
  • Added support for cloning repositories with submodules
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the admin console logo wouldn’t go to the correct URL in a nested site
  • Fixed an issue where a link to edit a module wouldn’t work in a nested site
  • Fixed an issue where swagger docs didn’t work with nested sites.
  • Added soft-delete for notifications
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the license badge wouldn’t go to the correct URL in a nested site
  • Added support for app tokens within the query string parameters.
  • Added support for enhanced app token security
  • Fixed an issue where the Git Sync Now button would return an error when hosting PSU in a nested site
  • Improved error messages in the admin console
  • Added support for storing git history in the database
  • Fixed an issue where new updates would not be shown in the admin console.
  • Added NodeName to appsettings to allow changing the nodes name from the machine’s name.
  • Fixed an issue where changes to a users AD groups when using Windows authentication, wouldn’t immediately be reflected in PSU



Where is the documentation on how to get the new dashboard “pages” feature to work?

One more question, when i click the +Page button to add a page, why doesn’t it show up in my list on the right?

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It should be showing up. What happens if you refresh the page? We might have a bug.

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Nothing after refresh, i must be doing it wrong.

As long as you put in a name there shouldn’t be anything else to do. What should be happening is that it’s creating a subfolder with each page as a ps1. You could check Settings \ Configuration to see if it has created anything. I’d also be curious if there were any notifications with errors about it.



Anyone else getting this when trying to upgrade? Running process as local admin.

Can you check Event Viewer or the PSU log? This likely isn’t related to privileges and rather the service just failing to start.

Thanks. I see the issue. We’ll get this resolved and a patch released later today.

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3.6.1 fixed the installer issue. Thanks @adam