PowerShell Universal - 3.2.1

PowerShell Universal - 3.2.1

Release Notes


  • Fixed the performance of the jobs table in the admin console
  • Set the jobs table to auto refresh when refocusing on it


  • Fixed an issue where page loading skeletons would not be displayed properly
  • Fixed an issue where the icon would not be displayed for New-UDAutocomplete with -Multiple and -LoadOptions set.
  • Fixed an issue where New-UDDashboard -HideUserName would not work when specifying pages
  • Fixed an issue where the menu would be available as a blank drawer when a page was loading that had LoadNavigation
  • Fixed an issue where a temporary navigation menu would not close after navigating
  • Fixed an issue where -BackgroundColor did not support rgb colors on New-UDChartJS


  • The MSI installer will now list the log file path if it fails



@adam - I am still having some issues here and wondering if you could advise.

I intentionally entered wrong service account credentials during the MSI install of 3.2.1. I also left the box for ‘Start Service after Install’ ticked but this below misleading error still appears.


Is it possible for the above error message to be enhanced to include a warning that the service account credentials could be wrong? I imagine this error could lead to a lot of confusion as entering the credentials incorrectly is fairly common.

After accepting the failure with the ‘Cancel’ button, the next dialog informs (pictured below) that a log has been written to %ProgramData%\PowerShellUniversal but I am not finding it.


Thank you!

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