Possible Bug with Loading Components after updating to Universal 1.4

I just updated to the newest version of Universal to play around with the new Environment feature and noticed after updating that all components within my existing dashboards were wiped out. After attempting to load them back in it seems every time I load components to one dashboard it wipes out the components on all other dashboards as if instead of just saving the components to the single dashboard Universal is overwriting all dashboards components. It’s a strange bug and the only thing I can accredit this to is the update as yesterday I was developing my dashboards without any issues and now I can’t get any components to load at all.

Anyone else seeing this?

I can verify I can reproduce this. The configuration file are getting messed up.

New-PSUDashboard -Name "ps" -FilePath "ps.ps1" -BaseUrl "/dashboard" -Framework "UniversalDashboard:3.1.0" -Environment "PowerShell" -DisableAutoStart -Component @(":", ":") 
New-PSUDashboard -Name "db12" -FilePath "db12.ps1" -BaseUrl "/dashboard12" -Framework "UniversalDashboard:3.1.0" -DisableAutoStart -Component @("UniversalDashboard.Charts:1.2.0", "UniversalDashboard.CodeEditor:1.0.3")

I’ve opened an issue for this and will get it resolved for 1.4.2.

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Good deal, thanks for the quick response I thought I was going mad over here. I’ll just build the components in directly for the time being until the new release.

Sounds good. We will likely be rolling out a 1.4.2 sometime early next week depending on what issues arise.

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