New-UDNivoChart -pie (version 4.0.11)

Hi All,

Using version 4.0.11, I’m trying to create labels while creating a Nivo pie chart using the documentation

$Data =
value = 30
color = ‘#BF5290
value = 100
color = ‘#52BE80



New-UDNivoChart -Pie -Data ($Data | Where-Object { $_.Value -ne 0 }) -InnerRadius 0.7 -CornerRadius 5 -PadAngle 1 -Colors @{datum = ‘data.color’ }` -MarginLeft “150” -MarginTop 1 -Height 370 -Responsive
The chart appears like the example but I can’t figure out the labels. Based on I’ve tried adding them but it doesn’t affect the chart.
id = “Missing”
label = “Missing”
value = 30
color = ‘#BF5290
I can’t seem to find an example. If anyone has a good source of Nivo chart examples I’d love to see it.

Just struggled with this myself.

I got it to show a label eventually after adding an '"id" field to my data and also adding the -Id 'id' parameter to the New-UDNivoChart call.