UDChartJS custom label

Quick question, is there a way to display custom label for pie chart with multiple dataset? Below is the code I’m testing with and screenshot of chart.

$availmemdataset = New-UDChartJSDataset -DataProperty LastValueINT -Label 'TEST' -BackgroundColor '#126f8c'
$usedmemdataset = New-UDChartJSDataset -DataProperty CalcValueINT -Label 'TEST12' -BackgroundColor 'Red'
            $options = @{
                Type = 'pie'
                Data = $objinfodt | Select-Object * | Where {$_.SensorName -eq "Memory" -and $_.ChannelName -notin ("Downtime","Available Memory")}
                Dataset = @($availmemdataset,$usedmemdataset)
                LabelProperty = "ChannelName"

            New-UDChartJS @options


Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.12

I’m interested in this as well.
A simple way to pass some objects and have them as separate colours on a pie chart would be appreciated.

Something simple like a “Free Space” on x/y/z but the slices are automatically different colours.