Ability to customize labels in Nivo charts?

Product: PowerShell Universal Dashboard
Version: 3.2.7

I’m on the latest version, just downloaded yesterday, and am trying to create a treemap chart using New-UDNivoChart. It works ok enough but I would like to adjust the label size as it looks very small. I can see on the Nivo site - https://nivo.rocks/treemap - that the ability to adjust labels is there (lots of options actually). How can I perform this action? I am licensed as well.

Also, I noticed the parameter -UseDataColor didn’t seem to work for me but using the parameter -Colors @{datum = ‘color’} does in fact use the specified color from the data.

Thanks for any assistance with this.

Did you ever figure this out? I’m trying to do this in a Stacked Bar Graph. Nivo allows label: ‘id’ to change from values to id, but New-UDNivoChart doesn’t accept -Label

This maybe a feature request you wish to keep an eye on