New-UDgrid filtering and grouping

Hi all,

Is there any way to add user-side filtering and grouping in a new-udgrid? Things like being able to say only show data where this column doesn’t equal, or group by this category.

Take a look at this to get a better idea of what I mean:

Hello @Alc you have a few choices here…first off the grid in UD is based on griddle I believe, the link you posted is React Grid…so you could build that as a custom component…Or you could put this in as a feature request on either the forum or better place github on the official page

Or let your users know about the filter option in the top of the current grid to filter the results based on text.
Guess your best option is put it on the UD wish list…

Thanks for the reply. With the filter option at the top, is it possible to say ‘where not equal to’?

Hi @Alc
I believe this is currently not possbile.

What you could do however, as i’ve done on a couple of occations, is to add a switch on the page which “on change” sets a $session variable, which in turn changes the outcome of the endpoint to the correct data.

Note: this will actually filter the data on the serverside, and the non-relevant data won’t be sent to the client.

I could fetch some examples if you’re interested?

Hi @bosen29 that would be appreciated, thank you

Hi again @Alc
Take a look @

Note: you could also do the filtering inside the grid’s endpoint. However i needed separate columns and such in my solution.

Beware of the spaghetti code :open_mouth: (and untested…)

nice bro…never thought of this idea :sunglasses: very cool

Great idea, but I don’t think it’s quite gonna cut it :frowning:

Now if someone could make this a custom component… :smiley:

Eheh @Alc

@psDevUK you or me?

bro I got the 4 kids :rofl: this one might be a bit too jedi for me

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you’ve convinced me @psDevUK

I’ll give it a go @Alc, the missus is working this weekend, so i got some time on my hands :open_mouth:


Awesome! Don’t know if it helps but this appears to be a react version…

i’ll update you with some swearwords once i’ve realized what i’ve gotten myself into :slight_smile:


alright mr @Alc
Update for you: i regret the decision of implementing this.
write-output $swearwords

Will update more as i go along.


lol I’m sorry. You know it will be awesome if you manage it though right :smiley:

fair point!

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'tis not far from the truth man!

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