UDGrid and Using the filter for a where statement

Hello Again:

I have a UDgrid that displays the path for fileshares and would like to do mass updates to the file paths. I can use the filter to get a list of all the shares to be changed and I would like to now use a button or link to change the filtered shares from path A to path b.

How can I grab what is currently in the filter box?

Thinking probably an easier approach is to have a WHERE clause in your filter to generate the udgrid…as in if you had an input field above the udgrid, and a submit button that would populate the grid with what you typed in…as in type in \server1\sharename\path then press a button which would then dynamically refresh the grid for those results…then just hit the export button on the grid…simples :crazy_face:
Just have the grid show * all shares by default, then apply the filtering technique I mentioned create a dynamic udgrid instead of trying to take the data out of a react component…probably would work but you would have to get-udelement id your grid, and do some sort of loop through the current state of data…just think the filter a grid to make it dynamic on search results would be an easier to incorporate solution

thanks - I think I am going to go with this method - Result of New-UDInput to be output in new-UDTable or New UDGrid below