UDGrid - Filter Data Posted with New-UDElement

I’ve just started playing around with using Universal Dashboard, building an “IT Dashboard” which gives us quick insight to all of the systems we manage (e.g., Storage, Backups, Servers, Scripts, etc.).

I have a page where I list all of our severs on a grid and use New-UDElement for some of the content, allowing me to change the font color on different conditions (offline, high RAM/CPU usage, etc.). The problem I’m having is that the filter/search doesn’t seem to consider any of the columns where New-UDElement is being used. Is there something I should be doing different so I can filter on this content?

This is a problem with the current implementation of the UDGrid. This will be resolved in UDv3. It’s actually already in the master branch but we haven’t pushed to the Gallery yet.

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