Making a UDGrid Searchable

I am playing about with converting pages a customer currently has in SharePoint to UD. One such page is a “Master Server List” that shows a list of servers, whether they are physical or virtual, which site they are in, which team owns them, etc. etc. I have the page working well, using A.D. and VMware as the sources of truth and then importing the array into a UDGrid. The only thing I have not been able to mimic from SP is the ability to do a dynamic search function. The grid is ~35 pages @ 25 lines per page, and I would like to add a field at the top that would allow someone to search for a specific server and automatically go to that entry. Is this possible?

Hi @JLogan3o13 without sounding facetious this is the default behaviour of the grid. Just have a look at to see there is a filter at the top of each grid by default, allowing the end-user to filter the results. I hope this helps :grinning:

Yeah, that was a senior moment, sorry. I swear I was not seeing it before :confused:

I just upgraded yesterday to the latest, could this be it (was this a new add), or am I just oblivious to what sits right in front of me? :slight_smile:

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Hey @JLogan3o13 glad your seeing it now…you could adjust the CSS to make the ‘placeholder’ text more visible, as far as I know this functionality has always been on the grid since I got using UD in the very early 2.0 releases…I mean @adam done a great job documenting the features here:- there is the poshud site I posted earlier…and I also put some blogs together here:- also don’t forget to check out the marketplace to see other cool components for UD
I did a pivot table component that may or may not be of use to you…but for me this helps sift through massive amounts of data from SQL. :crazy_face:

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