How to best display a "large" table using Grid or other options?

Hi, I have a table that has 20.000+ rows in it, and I display this as a grid.
This is very slow and uses a lot of memory, doing the same task on a smaller table works very fast and efficient. What would be the best way to show this kind of information in a UD?

I like the option that a Grid gives me being able to search/filter trough the entire content for a specific value.


You can use the -ServerSideProcessing switch for New-UDGrid. This allows you to do the filtering\paging\sorting on the server side. Then you dont send all the data to the client.

Here’s an example of doing so with SQL.

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Thank you for this quick reply :wink:
Will have to try this later on this weekend. I tried adding the -serversideprocessing on my existing script and that caused the filter to stop working, but I’ll try and use the sql module as shown here and follow this example to see if that works better.

Will this help with how long it takes the grid to display on the client side? I’m importing a csv with 3800 rows and it takes a good minute to display when refreshed.

I have not tested, but as I understand this, the SQL server will do the filtering etc. This will not be the same if you import a csv as a variable. Or have i mistaken what serverside here means? :wink:

Ok that makes sense. I’m inserting an edit button into my grid which seems to be taking a lot of time. I’ll have to play around with it a bit more to see if there is a better way. Link to how I’m adding the button below.