UDgrid and ServersideProcessing, but keep the client paging?

Hey all,

it seems that paging disapear:
then added in serverside paging filter:

Select-Object -Skip $Skip -First $take

anyone know how to still show the pages and the one they are on still?
the image above go missing with the filter.


OK the secret stuff here is to add the Count to Out-UDGridData by using the parameter -totalItems

New-UDGrid -Id ‘Grid’ -ServerSideProcessing -PageSize 10 -Title ‘ServerSideProcessing’ -Properties @(‘Title’) -Headers @(‘Title’) -Endpoint {

            $FilteredAndLimitedStuff = $AlltheStuff | 
                Where-Object Title -like "*$filtertext*"
            $FilteredAndLimitedStuff | 
                Sort-Object $SortColumn -Descending:(!$SortAscending) |
                Select-Object -Skip $Skip -First $take |
                Select-Object Title | 
                Out-UDGridData -TotalItems $FilteredAndLimitedStuff.count

we need to make sure that the totalitems are also filtered.

Edit 2:

oh… we also need to make sure we do sorting BEFORE filtering pages, else we only make the sort on that single page.