New-UDgrid filter,render examples please

running latest version of PSU and messing about with New-UDgrid, but cant seem to get the filters working as expected. Docs indicate that -loaddata event handler should be used, but we cant get it to work.

what we have is a filter such:

        items = @(
                columnField = "name"
                overatorValue = "contains"
                value = "somename"
        linkOperator = "and"

but then we aren’t sure how to pass this to the grid.

We’d also like to know how to render a column as a hyperlink, if we use the following we get an ‘error occured’

@{ field = "name";render={New-UDHtml -Markup "<a href='https://lasdas/$($'>$($</a>"}}

we would also be interested in the virtualisation (when available)

we found relevant section in the new-udtable docs, seems to work thanks

this will help people : Build Server-Side tables with PowerShell Universal Dashboard (