New default theme, UDSideNavItem Divider missing

Might be just me, but using the new default theme with v2.6.0 the Divider in UDSideNavItem appears to be the same colour as all the other elements. I can see a wider gap between the items so it’s there somewhere! Can anyone confirm?

$navigation = New-UDSideNav -Content {
	New-UDSideNavItem -Text "Page0" -PageName "Page0" -Icon home
    New-UDSideNavItem -Text "Page1" -PageName "Page1" -Icon info
	New-UDSideNavItem -Divider
	New-UDSideNavItem -Text "Page2" -PageName "Page2" -Icon beer
	New-UDSideNavItem -Text "Page3" -PageName "Page3" -Icon bath

$page = New-UDPage -Name "Page0"  -Title "Page0" -Content {
	New-UDCard -Content {"Hello"}

$dashboard = New-UDDashboard -Pages $page -Navigation $navigation

Start-UDDashboard -Dashboard $dashboard