Unifying the color theme

I’ve got a custom theme created for the page I’m setting up, but I’m still battling inconsistencies in both font colors and other accents throughout the website. I did find the following page about some of the color change aspects, and have used it for updating the button color as well as drop down list color scheme.

I’m having trouble identifying other aspects such as font color in the input boxes, or some of the highlight colors and checkboxes,etc. Picture attached for an example of what i’m talking about.
Has anyone worked through these various tidbits on theming their website and found the properties to adjust?


Hey @dcherry88 think you will find this is a bug in 2.4.1. Hopefully will be fixed in 2.5.0. Check github issues to see if this was added to 2.5.0 milestone. Peace

I’ve run into this before as well. This workaround should do the trick though:

New-UDTheme -Name 'MainTheme' -Definition @{
    # Textbox text color and "underline" color before clicking
    '.input-field > [type=text]' = @{
    # Textbox "underline" color after clicking
    '.input-field > [type=text]::focus' = @{
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