Change "filter letter" color in UDGrid Element

How can i change the color of the letter?
Like CSS property



Can you post the code you have that changes the color of the grid? Are you using the default theme or a different theme?

I think this is a bug as it should be changing colors along with the rest of the grid. But if someone knows the CSS to change this for now, that’d be really helpful!

Hi thanks for posting the question just querying if you are using a built in theme? You can change the css on any component. In Firefox I right click on the element I want to change inspect the element and look at the css being applied on the class and then write my own css for my dashboard using the example on the official document website. Hope this helps on iPhone atm so bit limited in sending info

Yes with “inspect element” of Firefox I was able to fix it, in CSS:
‘.input-field’ = @{
‘color’ = ‘white’
Thanks @adam and @psDevUK !!

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On the same subject, the old default theme had a visible divider in the sidenav, the css shows

.divider {
    background-color #e0e0e0

The new default theme has it crossed out which I understand means it’s either commented out or overridden.
I’ve attempted to add css to the theme to reinstate it, but to no avail. Any ideas @psDevUK?

Ok have you tried adding:-
Right after the colour? I been busy trying to learn react so haven’t even loaded the 2.6.0 into a existing dashboard yet. I will have a butchers later and let you know the score. Peace

Cheers Adam. I thought that might have done it. I can see it applied in the css, but nothing shows up in the browser. Some other component must be hiding it. :frowning_face: I’ll assume it’s a deliberate change, I’m not bothered, just though it might be something I could use to learn this css stuff.


Honestly Gav only learnt this with questions and that being asked on this forum…I use firefox, and just right click and inspect the element then look through the CSS to figure out what’s what…Just about to do the school run with my wife as clocked off early today, just so ‘we’re on the same boat’ you mean the DIVIDER in the SIDENAV menu is not showing even if you specify it as a nav item yeah? I will look into this, and I am sure it can be solved. You should be asking @leeberg as I believe he is the man behind the default theme…I will look but just later, so will prop post something over the weekend, or late tonight. Peace

Yup. Adding “New-UDSideNavItem -Divider” inserts a larger gap in the UDSideNav but no visible divider. css is making sense now, but I’ve not cracked this one.

The divider works i the “darkrounded” theme, maybe steal the settings from there?

ok ready…boom:-

‘.divider’ = @{
'height’ = “1px”
'overflow’ = “hidden”
‘background-color’ = “#fff

This is the CSS code that sorts the divider colour…this will set it white. Peace

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I just created a pull request on github as I added the CSS to fix this issue, I also fixed the background and lever colour. So once @adam commits the pull and does one of his nightly releases then this will be in the default theme by default. Hope this helps

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Sweet. Nicely done.


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