Unusual Color Formatting for Certain Components

When changing the colors to several components, there are some things that are either oddities or questions that I have. I have updated from 2.0.1 to 2.1.0 and have noticed this behavior in both versions.

  1. Defining the colors for UDCard in New-UDTheme -Definition hashtable has never worked for me. I have to define it in the New-UDCard cmdlet to get it to work. I have used UDTable in the same hashtable and that works. I have tried the hex value and rgb value and I get nothing.
	$ThemeColor = New-UDTheme -Name "Lotto" -Definition @{
	UDCard = @{ 

		BackgroundColor = '#a9a9a9'  #OR "rgb(169,169,169)" 
		FontColor = '#f4f4f4'
  #OR "rgb(244,244,244)"
	Start-UDDashboard -Port 1000 -Content {
	New-UDDashboard -Theme $ThemeColor -Title "Lotto Scratch Stats" @NavDashColors -Pages @($HomePage,$Global:ScratcherPage, $Global:DynamicPage) -Footer $Footer 
	 }-Name Dashboard3
  1. Similiar to the first problem, the NavBar font color is always white regardless if I set it through the New-UDTheme or the New-UDDashboard cmdlet itself. I don’t know if this is due to the ideal that this can be changed in the paid version or the title/footer color is always white regardless. I tried setting my NavBar background to white and changing the font to a grey and I couldn’t see the title or the footer. And speaking of the footer, why is it showing two different colors? I feel like the UDDashboard color definition in the New-UDTheme and either the UDFooter defined there as well or defined in the New-UDFooter is doing something wonky.

  1. What is the css class name to change the color of the font for the New-UDInput?

The first 2 items seem like bugs. Could you please open a GH issue for those? We can get those fixed.

For 3: The class for UDInput is ud-input

Does that not work either?

Hey Adam,

Sorry for the late response and thanks for getting back. I wasn’t clear on what exactly I wanted to change in regards to the ud-input but I figured it out. For the font of the dropdown select (the default teal/green), I wanted to change that.

However, I was able to figure it out by defining it in the theme hashtable definition:

$ThemeColor = New-UDTheme -Name "Lotto" -Definition @{
     # Changes the font color of the select drowpdown 
  '.select-dropdown li span' = @{
    'color' = "#ff3b3f"

Default Font Color of UDInput’s select dropdown:

Applying changes to theme:

Thanks again for the help and the product. I added all of this in here for newbies like me who want to be a little more creative with their sites.

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you figured out how to change checkboxes and radio button colours too?

@adamdriscoll was very kind and showed me the light:-