Now to get the old theme back?

Hey guys,
how do I get my black dashboard back? 2.7 is very blue :slight_smile:

Hi @McAndersDK themes are documented right here:-
So use Get-UDTheme find the theme, then use something like:-

$theme = Get-UDTheme 'Green'
$Dashboard = New-UDDashboard -Title "Hello, World!" -Theme $theme -Content {

This would then apply the GREEN theme to my dashboard :smile: hope this helps answer your question.

Was thinking about doing a dedicated blog on themes here let me know if you would like to see this blogged about. Thanks

yeah. but which is the old? (default)

either DarkDefault DarkRounded or Azure

I would have thought you would have hard-coded this? The dark theme has never been a default theme to my knowledge

Likewise, I always used the Azure theme as the default is the white and blue.

true I had this:
-NavBarColor ‘#FF1c1c1c’ -NavBarFontColor “#FF55b3ff” -BackgroundColor “#FF333333
that made it like this forum.
this do make the dark color I am use to…

but then I try edit the theme like this:
$theme = Get-UDTheme -Name ‘Default’

$theme.Definition[“UDnavBar”].BackgroundColor = ‘#FF1c1c1c

$theme.Definition[“UDnavBar”].FontColor = ‘#FF55b3ff

$theme.Definition[“UDDashboard”].BackgroundColor = ‘#FF333333

it get all purple…

how do I target sidenav ?

also is Community edition forced to have #3F51B5 (blue) as background in the footer? :slight_smile:

okey, Im close to get back to my darken theme:

$theme = Get-UDTheme -Name ‘Default’
$theme.Definition[“UDnavBar”].BackgroundColor = ‘rgb(28, 28, 28)’
$theme.Definition[“UDnavBar”].FontColor = ‘#fff
$theme.Definition[“UDDashboard”].BackgroundColor = ‘rgb(51, 51, 51)’
$theme.Definition[“UDFooter”].BackgroundColor = ‘rgb(28, 28, 28)’
$theme.Definition[“UDFooter”].FontColor = ‘#fff