Display differences 2.3.1 vs 2.5.3

Looking at upgrading from 2.3.1 to 2.5.3. Noticed New-UDPage no longer supports ‘-ShowIndicators’. Also from the image below 2.5.3 is in the foreground and 2.3.1 background there are some alignment issues plus color coding issue.

Just curious if there is document(s) indicating depreciated stuff and potential layout adjustments to consider on newer versions. Thanks.

Curious if you have manually applied the colours to the objects, or if you applied a theme then hardcoded other colours?

‘header, nav, section’ = @{
‘display’ = “block”
‘margin-bottom’ = “5%”
Will fix this issue, all colour settings when using the Azure theme should be applied automatically to keep in theme with the Azure theme if that makes sense? So no need unless desired to change the colours. Any other issues with the Azure theme more than happy to look into. Thanks


New-UDCollapsibleItem -Title "$gameName Analytics for $gameCnt games $sDate to $eDate" -Icon area_chart -BackgroundColor $gameColor -Content

Setting the color directly.

I’ll give your solution a try.

$PowerBall = New-PowerMegaStacked "PowerBall" '#DF013A' "WED" "SAT"; $PowerBall;

This line of code is executed within the New-UDPage object to return a New-UDCollapsible object.

Setting the bottom-margin fixed the alignment issue when using 2.5.3. On 2.3.1 setting the bottom margin has the reverse effect (too much space).

For 2.5.3 usage.

Still trying to figure out the issue with the background color not getting set. After removing Azure as the parent theme, I noticed the background color does get set but only after on the on-click event happens.

When Azure is the parent theme, the background color doesn’t get set even after the on-click event. It appears the Azure parent theme is overriding any explicit color settings.

A new thing I noticed is the carousel is not rotating through the set of images.

Hi @cadayton I’m no pro at CSS, but on the Azure theme I have used some “!important” within the CSS to make sure it was setting the colour correctly, as it was being over-written. So it maybe a case of removing !important on some of the CSS settings. Best to raise things like the carousel not working as a bug on github.
More than happy if you want to message me directly on what you need colour changing help with…maybe a few more pics might help. More than happy to investigate this colour scheme thing for you, but as mentioned the carousel issue, you should log on github. Thanks

@psDevUK Thanks. I’ll DM you on the CSS settings. I’ll re-create the carousel in a separate dashboard just to validate it is not working in 2.5.3 and submit an issue if that is the case.