The New Theme Service in UD 3.0

This is the new theme service ( i hope ) in UD 3.0.
in the new theme service, you can switch between an unlimited number of themes you created.
the new service will have basic support for the charts and monitors so you can set their colors in one place instead on every chart that you creating.

Here is the demo.

Here is the code example

what do you think about the logic of the New-UDMuTheme ?
does it readable and easy to understand?

feedback will be appreciated.


This looks great! Excited to try it out.

Looks very nice.
I would appreciate it if you could feed different css sets ti it (via UDTheme)

It looks amazing :slight_smile: any estimated release date for UD 3.0 ?

Not yet, we are working on it :smirk:


How is it going with this? :slight_smile:

same question, any updates @AlonGvili?

Some of this functionality made it into v3 but not all of it. You can’t control chart colors but you can control primary and secondary palette colors and individual component colors.

I think there is a lack of good documentation and i think we may need to simplify it a bit because we are relying too heavily on the Material UI theme functionality and it’s a bit hard to work with. That’s what I’m hearing from the community as well as from my own work with it. It’s on our list of things to improve.

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I was playing around further with some of the theming today and I’ve hit a wall on a few bits and pieces. While i’ve cracked a good portion of the customization, I’m noticing that some Material UI items seem to be inadvertently tied together for colors.
For example:
If you look at this nice color generator tool Material-UI Theme/Palette Generator (, you will notice changing the Primary color reflects across all the examples below using the Primary colors. In UD theme, you have to override the button using

grey = @{
  '300' = '#1d2d68'

The background color on tabs seems to follow another color setting instead of primary. Then the selected color text on a tab matches the primary and is tied to it. This makes it hard to do something like a dark blue on dark grey color scheme because the font colors end up washed in the selected tab.

And when i’ve attempted to override on stuff like the Tabs colors, it doesn’t not work, as if there is something in the UD underlying part that overrides it no matter what.

Ideally, I think it would be nice to have functionality where you can use a tool such as this page to setup the overall color scheme and export out the data so you can create a theme file from it. It has the ability to setup the basic palette option, but also the ability to override specific sub-components of the site to suit needs.