Missing FontAwesome Icons "Unknown icon refresh" error

There appear to be a number of icons missing. Their names are returned by [Enum]::GetNames([UniversalDashboard.Models.FontAwesomeIcons]), but if I reference one directly via New-UDIcon -icon 'x' the error message “Unknown icon x” is returned, shown here for the refresh icon.


This has been persistent through multiple version upgrades from 2.1.1 through 2.5.4. Any ideas?



Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.5.4

We are going to be removing FontAwesomeIcons because it’s out of date. Here’s a complete list of icons: PowerShell Universal Dashboard v3 Icons · GitHub

We are using FontAwesome v5 so you can search for icons on their website: Font Awesome

Note that the icon name on the FontAwesome site will have the format redo-alt while in PSU, the format is RedoAlt.

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Thanks, Adam! Is there a way to enumerate the v5 list currently in UD similar to the old way, so I can update my icon finder? Or best to just use the FontAwesome site?

We include the three text files referenced in that Gist with the PSU module. We actually use those text files to verify icon existence.

You can run this in a dashboard.

$ModuleBasePath = Split-Path (Get-Module UniversalDashboard | Select-Object -Skip 1).Path
$Brands = Get-Content (Join-Path $ModuleBasePath "fontawesome.brands.txt")
$Regular= Get-Content (Join-Path $ModuleBasePath "fontawesome.regular.txt")
$Solid = Get-Content (Join-Path $ModuleBasePath "fontawesome.solid.txt")
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