Font Awesome icon question (Hopefully quick)

Hi community,

Hoping this is a quick one, I’m having an issue getting the Font Awesome icon refresh to load in a dashboard (Others work ok… like stop, play, recycle)

New-UDButton -Icon (New-UDIcon -Icon “refresh”) -Text “Refresh”

Displays an error that “unknown icon refresh” on the dashboard… however when I run this I see that there is an icon named refresh (in the enum anyway)… so kind of weird. Would just use recycle but my goal here is to have a service status page with 4 buttons, refresh status, stop, start, and restart… so I was hoping to use icons refresh, stop, play, and recycle

[Enum]::GetNames([UniversalDashboard.Models.FontAwesomeIcons]) | where { $_ -eq “refresh” }



Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.3.1

Does the Sync icon work?

Here are the icon names as generated by the font awesome version we provide: PowerShell Universal Dashboard v3 Icons · GitHub

I think we need to remove that FontAwesomeIcon enum as it’s out of date.

Awesome, thank you Adam! Didn’t think about trying other similar action icons, sync works and will work for what I need.