PowerShell Universal - 3.8.11

PowerShell Universal - 3.8.11

Release Notes


  • Fixed an issue where using statements in scripts would cause slow saves and prevent comment-based help from loading
  • Fixed an issue where Invoke-PSUScript -Wait could throw an error when there was high database latency
  • Fixed an issue where New-PSUSchedule would fail to create -OneTime schedules via the management API


  • BREAKING: Due to a licensing issue, FontAwesome Pro icons have been removed.
  • Fixed an issue where the USB icon would not work (#2327)
  • Fixed an issue where going back in a stepper would not reset validation errors


  • Fixed an issue where Desktop mode would not load (#2328)



@adam, is there a place to reference which icons will remain if upgrading? I have some dashboards using icons that look likey they may come from FontAwesome Pro. Would the easiest way be to download the latest Universal PowerShell module and parse the -Icons option?

You can get a list of the free icons like this.

invoke-restmethod https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FortAwesome/Font-Awesome/6.x/metadata/icons.json | gm | select name
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The two most frequently used icons for me are CheckCircle and Frown. In the return of the URL you shared I see circle-check and face-frown. Do CheckCircle and Frown map to those, or are these 1-to-1 with identical names between PSU and FontAwesome?

To everyone that will see a lot of “?” instead of icons after the update to 3.8.11 here is a little fix.


You need to change the “Find-UDIcon” function in the file “D:\FiegeAutomation\Universal\Modules\Universal\UniversalDashboard.MaterialUI.psm1”


$Script:Icons.Keys | Where-Object { $_ -match $Name } | ForEach-Object { $Script:Icons[$_].Label.Replace(" ", "") }

# to

$Script:Icons.Keys | Where-Object { $_ -match $Name } 

You will also need to replace some icon names. This will help with the search:

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Is this licensing issue not going to be resolved and the Pro icons are not going to be available going forward?

Yes. We will be providing the ability to bring in any icon set (including the Pro icons) in v4 and v3.9. The licensing for the pro font awesome icons requires that if you are producing content with a product (like is done with PSU dashboards and pages), then you will need your own license.

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