Show-UDToast -Icon param not working with v5 FontAwesome icons

After a previous thread I posted where I was made aware I was still using the v4 FontAwesome icons that are considered deprecated, I went and updated my icon references to the v5 ones (without the underscores), but it seems that Show-UDToast does not like references to v5 ones. It generates an enormous error message which lists all of the available icons (which I noticed all have the _ separators).

Should I open an issue for this or have I missed something? :sweat_smile:

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.5.5

I put a work around for this in 2.6. There are some technical differences between the toast library and the font awesome library we are using. You’ll have to use the FA class names directly in UDToast but you’ll have access to all the icons.

Show-UDToast -Icon 'fas fa-users' -Message 'Yo!'

There is also a fall back for if you have the previous syntax defined.

Show-UDToast -Icon 'Users' -Message 'Yo!'

In 2.7, I’ll try to work out a better way to make it consistent.

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