Merge-Script reports "requires a license" but License Information reports License expires in July 2023


I have VSCode 1.74.3 with PowerShell Pro Tools v2023.1.0 on subscription

Display License Information shows
Licensed to: me
Status: Licensed
Expires: 2023-07-01T00:00:00

When I try to run Merge-Script I get

Merge-Script : This cmdlet is part of PowerShell Pro Tools and requires a license. Visit for more information.

It was working 2 days ago (on 31/01/2023), but not today (02/02/2023)

Has anyone got any ideas


Tool: Visual Studio 

Can you try to delete the %AppData%\PowerShell Pro Tools\activation.lic file if it exists? I’ve seen that fix this issue before. You will have to reload PS after you do so.

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Thanks Adam

I deleted it & it showed PowerShell Pro Tools was unlicensed

I then used the Install License Key tool & it’s all good now

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