Is there a true offline Installation source for Vs Code Powershell Pro Tools Extention

Tool: Visual Studio Code

Is there a way to get the required files to do an offline install of PowerShell Pro Tools extension in VS Code ?
Due to corporate restriction, I am not allowed to download internet files from the computer where VS Code is installed.

I can download the vsix on another computer, copy it then install the vsix in VS Code on the destination computer but the extension still need to download the PowerShell Pro Tools Host so I am stuck.

I was able to at first to use the ‘trick’ found in Perpetually downloading Tools Host? - PowerShell Tools / PowerShell Pro Tools Help - Ironman Software Forums

But since the 2022.12.2 and now with the 2022.12.3, the source is not found at the

Is there another place where I can download the file ?


Hey @pcormeau,

We actually started publishing this to a different blob and didn’t update the docs. Try this:

Invoke-WebRequest "$" -OutFile .\

We’ll get the docs updated.

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Thanks. I was able to download and installed it.

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