Inventory and monitoring Solution


This looks really cool! I like all the status cards which have alerts like no AV and so on - any chance you’ll post a github or anything like that? Really cool idea!

Actually it does more than alerting, when you click on the buttons it shows the warnings, updates, uptime history, the stopped services , windows roles, antivirus detailed version information, ps version table, file shares, bending reboot reasons, .net frame work versions and firewall status details.

i am willing to share the code for sure but i have some minor issues posted in the help forum which is that the cards and charts some times showing error that collection was modified , once fixed will clean up the code and github it.

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Nice work @alaaelmahdy the market place is always looking for new dashboard components. This looks like it could be compiled nicely as a module if you are up for sharing your hard work :smile:

will do that for sure it’s up because of your help and it should be shared for the community.
i am just trying to fix up the error below and then will generalize and share
Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute

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If you haven’t already try updating ud to 2.7 to see if that fixes the bug.