Help Desk 2.0 - total rewrite

This is an update to my previous help desk dashboard post here

Thanks to a lot of new cool toys in Universal Dashboard, I’ve redesigned my site from the ground up.

With a little help from Mr. Inspect Element to hide some employee branding, here’s how it turned out!

Account Info:

Mobile view:


Very clean and slick UI! I really like the look of this!

Do you happen to have a team of folks in your org using this now?

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Yes, our Information Technology team all uses it. Primarily the Help desk lives here, but even our L2 folks sneak in from time to time to check out a user’s info. It’s an AzureAD application, so i can audit logins and usage.


Hey @artvandelay440, are you using the new components to achieve this? (new-udmulink) looks slick…

Are the images/icon on the cards also links?, looking to do the same but couldn’t find a way (using 2.3.2)

@dtnyc9005 Yes, this is all native to 2.3.2. There’s a lot of custom New-UDElement. If you have any specific questions on how something was achieved, i can probably mock some code for you.

yeah if you could post a mock-up for how you generated those cards that would be cool, it would be super helpful, I’m sure others will agree that they do look pretty slick and find it helpful too :wink:

I did a post over in the cookbook section for how I did the cards


Cool, I will check this out thanks

Really nice looking. Make your group look really professional.

How did you write the layout, so that you get a nice mobile view?

Hi Tobias! (love your work)

So to get a mobile responsive layout, you need to specify the layout widths when you define your column. Since the layout is arranged in grids of 12 due to griddlecss, your layout for a column can be anywhere from 1-12. So to have a column that is half the total width of it’s parent when in desktop mode, and full width when in tablet/mobile mode, you’d specify your column this way:

New-UDColumn -LargeSize 6 -MediumSize 12 -SmallSize 12 { }

Hope this helps.