Help me jazz up my dashboard

Hi all,

Has anyone got any ideas on how I could jazz this dashboard up a bit? It’s very…boring!

New-UDPage -Name "Current Tickets" -Icon home -Content {

    New-UDGridLayout -Content {
        New-UDCard -TextAlignment center -ID 'Total' -TextSize Large -endpoint {
            New-UDIcon -Size 3x -Icon 'hands_helping' -Style @{color = '#fff'} -Id 'hands'
            New-UDHeading -Size 1 -Text "Open Calls:   $($Cache:totaltickets.column1)" -Color white
        New-UDGrid -NoFilter -NoExport -Id 'Logged' -AutoRefresh -RefreshInterval 250 -Title 'Logged' -Endpoint {
            $Cache:totalticketsbystatus | Out-UDGridData
        New-UDGrid -NoFilter -NoExport -Id 'Summary' -AutoRefresh -RefreshInterval 250 -Title 'Summary' -Endpoint {
            $Cache:summarytable | Out-UDGridData
    }  -Layout '{"lg":[{"w":4,"h":7,"x":0,"y":0,"i":"grid-element-Total","moved":false,"static":true},{"w":6,"h":17,"x":6,"y":0,"i":"grid-element-Logged","moved":false,"static":true},{"w":4,"h":10,"x":0,"y":7,"i":"grid-element-Summary","moved":false,"static":true}]}'

check out my number counter module…so the Open Calls could animate the number up to 410…Then also check out my undraw module, which has 618 beautiful clipart images to use in UD, so you could fill up the blank space with something nice to look at. You could always look to add a chart which summerizes the summary…

See this link 618 new react clip-art like graphics for your dashboards

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Some ideas that might be neat for additional data to add:

  • Pie Chart of Call Status
  • Pie Chart of Call call Classification (ex: “Software”, “Hardware”,etc)
  • Short like List of “Top Priority” Calls (top 5)
  • Stats (Such as: Average Time to Resolve)
  • UD Gauge showing your ideal call volume Updated UD Gauge component
  • If you can obtain SLA infromation - it would be very nice to show SLA stats and or calls about to breach SLA
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