Updated UD Gauge component

Hi All,

Thought I should post a link here for these new modules for universaldashboard.
So more information can be found here:- https://react-kawaii.now.sh/
I have created the Ghost, Mug, IceCream and SpeechBubble I have made each module real simple to use, there are only a few parameters -Size -Mood -Color
And this is what they look like on a dashboardCapture
So this SVG was done by downloading the UniversalDashboard.UDGhost module then I just typed:-
New-UDGhost -Mood shocked
Within the card contents, as I was happy with the default size and color. The moods are preset.
I also done a gauge control which looks like:-
Again a super basic control the picture above was created using:-

New-UDGauge -Value 34 -Width 200 -Height 200 -Label “New-UDGauge”

Hope you have fun using these kawaii svg controls in your dashboard


Does the gauge support changing colors at certain definable levels?

Great work!

Well on the site where I saw it demo’ed they had it changing on value. I have set it so you can define the colour. But I didn’t associate an endpoint with this as this is all new to me. If I get requests like yours I will build it. So long answer I will look into making this the default to change colours

Just to confirm I have now uploaded the rest of the SVG images on https://react-kawaii.now.sh to now be on the powershell-gallery and these should also appear in the market place. Hope people have fun using these :slight_smile:

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Did you ever make a repo where we can submit issues? :stuck_out_tongue:

The -Mood parameter is Case sensitive setting -mood “Happy” instead of “happy” yields this lifeless monstrosity:


doh! if i haven’t uploaded this on github then I guess this is the place…will fix this to make sure every-one can have a happy mug on their dashboard. Thanks for the notification

I now replaced this component with a more improved one, I still didn’t include the ability to change colour on a certain value, however I now have a redefined New-UDGauge component right here:- https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/UniversalDashboard.UDGauge/1.0.6
You can define colours and text size, and a custom label. You can also define the amount of segments which in-turn changes the colour. These 3 are the same example…apart from one is a gif:-
Then change some parameter inputs and you get
or even less segments

I put another update on this component https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/UniversalDashboard.UDGauge/1.0.7 you can now set the width and the height of the gauge, this stops all the bottom padding that was happening on this component.

Newest link is https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/UniversalDashboard.UDGauge/1.0.9 made some more modifications…Also released another New-UDCustomGauge which allows you to set custom colours and custom segment stops