Text size/styles etc... Formatting Examples?

Anyone outthere have any formatting examples willing to share? For starters I’m not in anyway a css nor html guy, but In my dashboards I currently have many pages that I would like to control formatting independently, so probably something in the beginning of the New-UDPage sounds promising, did manage to use New-UDTheme and provide it definition hash (after a fun time with f12 and looking at styles/elements on the page) but that only made things hairier and changed things for the entire dashboard+pages… hope this makes sense . How are others managing this? Anything in the right direction would be appreciated.


You can create complete HTML elements with New-UDElement, complete with a -Attributes Parameter if you need to custom style your text.

See: https://docs.universaldashboard.io/components/custom-components/powershell-elements#static-elements

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This is great, will check this out later today, but my thing was, how do you control say fonts for a group of new-udcard for example? And a different font for the text inside the cards? But at the same time keep my chart fonts as is or set them to something else…

I dont know about the fonts but if you want i created a plugin for ud that let you write pages in markdown and you can style all most every thing.

Here is an example using UniversalDashboard.Markdown

Download from PSGallery
Download from Github


Nice work! BTW, noticed you made a ton of high quality commits to the project, just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work.

Fonts not a biggy, was just interested in styling bold, size etc… for charts, cards and text/links, for sure this IS pretty cool… going to mod a few pages using this and see how it goes thanks and awesome work!

@AlonGvili, can this be used to control styling of components in ud?

Ammmm no its create component of markdown that you can style

No problem, and thank