I cannot run scheduled job on ALL computers

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.2.9

Yet again we faced weird issues with PSU.
We have several PSU servers in various Global Datacenters running as a service with SQL Persistence. I thought we use to be able to schedule jobs to run on ALL computers, but that is not the case anymore.

I did a test and created a script that outputs $Env:COMPUTERNAME and scheduled it for ALL completed that runs every 5 minutes. I am only getting one job showing in the PSU jobs page.
I guess I have a work around to create a schedule per computer.
If I run the script manually and select ALL computers that works.

I have checked Hangfire and the jobs seam like they are configured for all the servers. They claim to run according for Hangfire, but PSU does not show the job.
Troubleshooting is difficult as there are multiple PSU log files (which one to view?) and many other system jobs running.

I also noticed today that running a script with parameters does not propagate the parameter to ALL computers.

Is this a bug?