Schedules , run on different remote computers

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6


I’m exploring the options of PSU while i’m waiting for my purchase of a license is being approved.

Currently we have x-amount of servers, all running all kinds of jobs through task scheduler.
Now, with schedules i’ve read in the documentation, you can in fact run jobs on remote devices.

But, in the documentation it also states under computers that these are all instances that have PSU running.

Is my understanding correct that in order for you to be able to execute schedules and jobs on remote machines, they have to have a PSU instance running?

I don’t have experience with this particular feature:

But the docs do mention “This example provides a way to run scripts on remote machines without having to install another instance of PowerShell Universal.” (in the section “example-running-scripts-on-remote-machines”)

Alternativly, use PSRemoting to execute stuff on particular servers.

Hmm i see. But you’ll need the MSI to be installed on all machines.
I suppose they made this in case new-pssession doesn’t work as reliably you can use this.

Thanks, i glanced over this in the docs.

I usually lean towards using Invoke-Command for running code on remote machines, and I haven’t had an issue yet.

I’m leaning towards the same. 1) I don’t want extra agents or software running on the machines 2) I don’t want the task of keeping these agents up-to-date.
It just creates too much overhead. I’ll also be going with invoke-command. I’m curious to see if it’ll work consistently and reliably with scheduled jobs.