Scheduled Jobs in Multi-Server Environment


I’ve been asked to add another server to give my PSU server some redundancy. I’ve already got git synchronization working so in theory I’m hoping it should be a case of adding the second server and synchronizing.

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for handling the scheduled tasks as the tasks would also be synchronized. I would not want some of them to run twice though.

My thoughts are to add a line at the start of the script, to check the host name and stop the script if it finds the host name is not equal to it’s preferred host. Just wondering if anyone else has met this challenge with a more elegant solution.

I don’t have a great solution except that we are adding SQL server support for persistence to accommodate this exact scenario in v3. Once a that’s configured, the multiple PSU instances will share the same DB and only one server will run a job on the schedule.

That will be available as a beta starting next week.


That sounds like it will fit the bill exactly. Thanks

Is that just for redundancy/high availability or will we also be able to use it for load balancing tasks?

It can also be used for load balancing (kinda). Servers will be chosen at random to run the next scheduled job. Our next step is to create queues and features to allow for running certain jobs on certain servers.

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