"Run on" Automation Scripts option

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.2.8

My setup is 2 windows 2019 servers. Each with PowerShell Universal installed via PowerShell, so the server is running as a service. Each are pointing to the same SQL Express 2019 database and Git is pointing to our GitLab instance using Project Access tokens. Got the setup working and trying out the licensed features. One feature I checked out is the “Run on” option.


I do see both instances in the Run dialog, but when selecting the other instances in the Run dialog the jobs seams to only run on the local instance. Should jobs be able to run on the remote instance and if not, is this something that will be available in future releases?

There’s currently an issue with this functionality that has been resolved in v3.3. It’ll work as expected in the next release.

Thanks. I tried the nightly build and it worked great as I was able to run a job on the other instance.
I know this is a nightly build, but should I reporting issue? like :
Settings > General sub menus do nothing

This will be fixed in tonight’s build.

I know this is old, but similar request or maybe direction. I have some scripts that always run from the same server, in this case the PSU server, is it possible to set the “run on” for the script as a param, and just hard code it, or maybe the environment. I run the scripts from the automation/scripts section and I have to provide a computer.

I guess I could maybe use a page instead?