Script Trigger: Git Sync

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.4.4

Hey, would it be possible to add a feature request to add an ‘Automation Trigger’ on a git sync that is a success and has code changes? (no trigger if no changes).

Also, is there a manual way to trigger a Git Sync - ideally i would create an API that can be used to trigger a Git Sync rather than it checking every few mins.


This will be available in 3.5


Can i add one more… When an Automation trigger is created, can we get an option for the script to be run on the local node, or all computers like it is with schedules?

At the moment, i have a ‘server started’ script that needs to run locally, but it is running on a random node in the cluster.


I think the server started issue should just always run on the server that is starting:

As for the computer setting for triggers, that makes sense to add as well.

Hey Adam, it doesnt always run on the server started, i have noticed it can run on any node…

Thanks for opening!