Anyone else having periodic issues with Git syncing?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.12.4

Hi everyone,

I’ve noticed that there are some interesting things happening when I am editing my configurations files within the PSU web UI. For example, I tried to “pretty” up the script.ps1 configuration file by adding comments and line breaks between commands. That did NOT update my remote Git repo. I have recently created a new trigger using the Web UI, was able to see the triggers.ps1 script updated appropriately within the Web UI. I then made an edit directly on the command within the triggers.ps1 file to remove the -Script parameter. I realized I made a mistake when I created it. After saving it looks good in the triggers.ps1 configuration script as well as looking at the trigger itself within the Automation → Triggers section in the Web UI.

However, I am simply not seeing this change either get pushed to my remote Repo?

Just had something else interesting happen. So, I thought maybe there is a mismatch with the remote and local git repos. So I delete the contents (everything) from within the local Repository directory on my PSU server (C:\ProgramData\UniversalAutomation\Repository) and then restarted the PowerShell Universal service. Within a minute the directory populated again, pulling from the git remote repo.

However, for at least 3-5 minutes after restarting the service, even though the local Repository directory on the server showed all my configuration files correct. The scripts.ps1 had my scripts, the endpoints.ps1 had my endpoints, license file was correct, etc. When I logged into the web UI it said my instance was unlicensed? None of my scripts or APIs were showing up since and configuration files were empty. After another couple of minutes it seemed to clear up and my stuff was back.

So I went into the Automation → Triggers section and simply deleted my trigger. The configuration triggers.ps1 file immediately saw the change of the trigger deleted and showed nothing in the triggers.ps1 file. So far so good! I then wen over to my remote repo on our company’s github and after about 2-3 minutes the remote updated showing nothing in the triggers.ps1 file.

So I guess back to the original question, are there certain places I should NOT be making changes to configuration files? Should I never be editing them directly in the web UI? Does that not sync to the remote git repo? Just want to make sure I am doing the right thing moving forward to avoid this headache. Thanks!