CRON Scheduler Issue PowerShell Universal 2.11.1

Good morning everyone,
I am experiencing an issue with a script that it scheduled to run via CRON. The parameters for the schedule are,

Type: Cron
Script: The path to the actual script.  The script is in a folder in PSU.
Name: Name of script.
Timeout: 0
Paused: Off
Random Delay: Off
Expression:  0 5 * * 1-5
Timezone: America/New_York

The environment is set to Default, and Run As is set to a credentialed account that I added by modifying the schedules.ps1 file.

The behavior of what I am noticing is that the CRON runs fine up until the point that it is not scheduled to run, and then never starts again. For instance, The jobs seems to run Monday through Friday without an issue. Saturday and Sunday the job does not run because it is not scheduled to. When Monday morning comes around, the job never runs again.

Would anyone be able to provide any insight into this issue? Thank you!

You may want to check how the schedule looks directly in the hangfire dashboard. Also, you may want to verify it’s still there on Monday when it doesn’t start up again.

Hey Adam,

Thanks for the suggestion and I am currently in the Hangfire Dashboard. Everything ran as expected this morning.

Under Recurring Jobs There are jobs that are scheduled to run in 17 hours. When I navigate to Jobs there is a 0 next to Scheduled. I would assume those jobs that are set to run in 17 hours should appear next to Scheduled? Is this an issue?

I suppose the next troubleshooting step will be to check the Hangfire Dashboard when a job does not execute. I think I will run into an issue on Monday morning.

Recurring is where you should see your scheduled scripts. Scheduled, in hangfire terminology, are what you would see if you setup a one time job in PSU.