Scheduling critical jobs - feedback?

Is anyone scheduling critical jobs via PSU? we are thinking about moving a couple of our processes to PSU as they are all powershell based and PSU looks like it would be a good place to implement them, but we need to make sure that the scheduling is rock solid and doesn’t fail. Does anyone who is running scheduled jobs via PSU have any feedback they could share with us?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

Hey @DavidB

Scheduling through PSU is implemented in my organization and I would say the experience is 50/50. We are currently working through an issue when jobs unexpectedly do not run. There doesn’t seem to be any errors either when the jobs don’t run. They just decide not to run. It is very odd.

I am trying to follow up with @adam in regards to it.

When the Scheduler works, it works great. My post trying to resolve the issue can be found here,
CRON Scheduler Issue PowerShell Universal 2.11.1

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Hello @DavidB

In my organization, we run about a dozen or so jobs. Some critical, some not, but I would say it has served us well. We run about the same in dashboards, we have a lot of critical alerting pieces for our operation team related to our business. We have had some issues with scheduling, in the past, but most of its been resolved in later updates. Every once in awhile, I do see something flakey happen, but I will say Support is top notch for this.

We have had the issue with PSU looses connection to the outside ps process, but switching to the integrated environment resolved it.

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