Greater than sign in bottom left of footer

Hi there, using 2.6.2 enterprise on IIS. When I use any type of custom footer, with copyright, links, etc, I always get this little greater than sign in the bottom left of the screen. Seems to persist between different templates. See image below. Any ideas on how to fix?


Hi @mmcdougall,
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i Believe @psDevUK has discovered this issue aswell.

Should be patched in the next update as far as i know!

Yep was posted on forum here:-

Might raise this as issue now on github as this is still present in 2.6.2 and this post was when 2.6.1 was released.

@mmcdougall hello and welcome to the world of UD forums…thanks for posting this question…as mentioned this was brought up a few days ago in the link I posted…This is just to confirm I have officially logged this as a bug here
So I am sure as @BoSen29 has menioned this will get fixed in the next release…Adam also does nightly releases which do explain what has been fixed, so if you cannot wait till 2.6.3 then I am sure this issue will be fixed before that but in a nightly build. Hope this helps clarify the situation.

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Got a PR in for this one